Six Impossible Things.

Somewhere between New York, California, Kansas, and Hogwarts.

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I'm a student who absolutely loves Supernatural, Harry Potter, Fringe, NCIS, Life Unexpected, The Hunger Games, Covert Affairs, Leverage, White Collar and Castle. I'm a picky reader but my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, To Kill A Mockingbird, Going Bovine, the Hunger Games, If I Stay, Jellicoe Road and Peace Like a River. . Besides the Harry Potter movies, I love Boondock Saints. I <3 fanfic and when I can I try to write it. Layout by causefire/xaddictionsx whe and profile is by sweetgirl7808. All the credit goes to them!.

My Fic:

I have loads of fic, check out my journal to see!